Farm Fresh Milk

Cavan Farm brings you delicious, real fresh milk; straight from the farm to your fridge. It couldn't get much fresher than that!

We are located just 2kms out of the vibrant Oxford township in Canterbury, New Zealand, in an idyllic rural setting.

The milk is supplied from self serving milk dispensing machines at the farm shop. You buy your one litre glass bottles from the machine, and fill them on site with the milk. You then reuse these glass bottles each time you come to refill (or bring your own plastic bottles); making for a great eco-friendly way to enjoy your milk!

There is also seasonal fresh produce available for sale in the shop, as well as other goods such as wooden milk crates made by locals at the Oxford Men's Shed.


Cavan Farm

Cavan Farm is owned and run by Geoff and Sandra Rountree, who have been farming here for 25 years. Geoff and Sandra began their fresh milk sales business in October 2013 by joining the Village Milk franchise.


Geoff and Sandra have recently re-branded to the independently owned Cavan Farm Fresh Milk, and will be continuing Village Milk's high quality procedures, bringing you the best fresh milk everyday.

The couple have a great passion for farming and milking cows, having met each other in their early working years on a dairy farm. They have bought up their family on Cavan Farm and love being a part of the Oxford community. It is more than just a business, it is their home, run with passion and love for the local area, the cows and land they farm, and the quality milk produced, fresh for you.

Cavan farm has approximately 35 cows - half calving in the spring, and half in the autumn, to ensure there is year round milk supply. A smaller herd size is essential for maintaining quality and reducing herd pressure.

The majority of the cows are Fresian, and you will be able to see them about the place when you come to get your fresh milk, as well as the household cat (Rascal), and the friendly farm dog, Bazil.