What is raw/real milk and is it safe?

Raw milk is fresh milk straight from the farm which has not been pasteurised (heat treated), which means that there could be a (small) chance of harmful bacteria in the milk.


Suppliers of raw milk must be registered by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) from the 1st November 2016, which means that each farmer must be verified, test their milk for pathogens, keep sales records and have appropriate labeling on products. Labels must give use-by dates, storage advice and warnings about the risks of raw milk for high-risk groups.


Please keep an eye on the date that you have purchased the milk, and remember to only use very clean, cool and dry bottles when filling up. Once purchased please also keep your milk cool and put it in the fridge as soon as possible (don't use it if it has gotten to room temperature). Don’t give raw milk to young children, the elderly, pregnant women or people with a weakened immune system.


Consumer (https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/raw-milk) has a great summary on the risks and benefits of raw milk, or see our links page for lots more information.

From MPI:

"Store at or below 4C. Do not consume after the use-by date. Raw milk may contain harmful micro-organisms that can cause serious illness. To reduce the risk of illness, raw milk should be heated to at least 70C for one minute. This is critical for infants, young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems."

Why is it called Cavan Farm?

The Rountree family name originated from County Cavan in Ireland and over the years we have used the word Cavan as a unique name throughout our farm, so it was a natural choice when re-branding from Village Milk.


How long have you had the real milk dispensing business?

In October 2013 we began selling fresh milk straight from our farm as part of the Village Milk franchise. An update in the regulations around the sale of raw drinking milk led to the option of continuing as an independently owned operation, which is when we re-branded to Cavan Farm Fresh Milk in winter 2016. Being a part of Village Milk was a great starting point and we are continuing with their high quality standards and procedures.

How much does the milk cost?

One litre is $3, and the two litre option is $6.

One litre glass bottles can be purchased at our shop for $5 each.

Credit sticks can be purchased from us for $10, and you can then load money onto them to save you carrying coins.


Do you have EFTPOS?

No EFTPOS or credit card payments are available. Our milk dispenser and bottle dispenser accepts cash only (all coins, and $5, $10 and $20 notes, NZD).

There is a Westpac ATM located in the Oxford township, outside Fresh Choice supermarket.


Can I bring my own bottles?

Yes, you can definitely bring along your own glass or plastic bottles for refilling. Please make sure you have cleaned them thoroughly and they are at least one litre in capacity (the milk dispenser has an automatic minimum of one litre so anything less will cause an overflow).


How should I transport my bottles?

We have wooden bottle carriers available for purchase at our shop, which have been locally made, specially for us by the Oxford Men's Shed.

2-bottle size: $14

4-bottle size: $18

6-bottle size: $22


Many people bring baskets, chilly bags, chilly bins or boxes if they are getting a few litres at a time or traveling a long way. We recommend bringing an ice pack or similar to keep your milk cool if you are traveling.


Can I bring my dog to Cavan Farm?

Yes, however we would appreciate it if you could please leave them in your car, 


Do you deliver milk or sell it somewhere else?

No, but we have found that some people that live outside of Oxford like to share their milk purchases/driving with a friend. Perhaps your friend or neighbourwould like to alternate purchases with you. Or head out to Oxford for a Sunday drive and check out our lovely town – see http://www.visitwaimakariri.co.nz/new-zealand/Oxford for info on the area.